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Last October, a new wine was unveiled with the name Heretat Navàs, a painstaking project undertaken in the tiny town of la Serra d'Almos (Tarragona, Spain) under the Montsant appellation d'origine.
The geo-climatic conditions of the Montsant region, located south-west of Tarragona, are characterised by a dry climate with relatively rainy winters. The soil is naturally high in clay, lime and slate, with rounded edges that allow for fine permeability and oxygenation. This means that the vine’s root system can burrow deep, preventing the vines from being overly affected by prolonged rainy periods or droughts. All of these factors yield grapes that are rich in colour, aroma and sugars.
The orography of the region is rugged, which requires the vines to be planted in terraces, thus shaping a particular landscape and requiring a crop system that stresses the characteristics of vines that are intense, structured and aristocratic, which help distinguish fine tables.
The region is heralded for being the cradle of fine wines. The climatic conditions in the Mediterranean, along with soils that are particularly apt for ideal vine growth, make this geographically rugged zone an ideal site for master winemakers to practise their craft.

Terrasses del Montsant S.L. • Major, 14 • 43746 La Serra d'Almos • España
Oficina Comercial: Calle Manila, 65 • 08034 Barcelona • info@heretatnavas.com
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