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Can Navàs, from Serra d'Almos (Tarragona) dates beyond the beginning of the eighteenth century. It is documentated  from the year 1724 and related to wine aspects, from 1854. Under the leadership of Jaume Navàs starts at that time an intimate relationship with the world of wine, which was continued  by his son Joseph Navàs from 1896. Later in 1935, Teresa Navàs  takes the reins of Casa Navàs.
The Navàs family was a pioneer of the Priorat wine, to which county belongs the small village of Serra d'Almos.
Already in the twentyfirst century, Casa Navàs is still producing quality wine. It is made by its heirs and the under the DO Montsant. History and tradition walk together with innovation to create the wine Heretat Navás inherited under the direction of winemaker  Milà, great connoisseur of the history of this house and their land.
A rugged terrain, but  --as many have already discovered--  invaluable for producing red wines, and a climate particularly suitable have been ideal allies to reach a quota of enviable quality.
The grapes of Heretat Navàs are entirely hand-collected, being able to select at any time the required and desired qualities. Once grapes are selected, they are made into wine for their subsequent break in French oak barrels for a period of ten months. The result aims to render honors to the promoters of viticulture at Casa Navàs.
DO Montsant has earned the highest number of points from the famous wine guru Robert Parker. It must be due to something special!

Terrasses del Montsant S.L. • Major, 14 • 43746 La Serra d'Almos • España
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